Advanced Technology

At Lenos Custom Farming, we work hard to ensure you have the most profitable crop possible! 


How do we do that? By using advanced technologies in agricultural maintenance!

All planting equipment is equipped with sub-inch steering accuracy, and the planters with section control. This ensures that there is minimal overlap which reduces over-applying expensive seed, fertilizer or chemicals. This not only saved you money but it also is being stewardly of the land. This helps to creating a healthier soil long term for continued production.

When the combines harvest, they produce yield map. These maps show you the most productive areas of your field and identify the areas underperforming. This allows you to create management zones for areas that need additional attention.

This all comes together with the our use of smart agricultural software to keep things running smoothly and efficiently for you.



Since every year is like starting over in farming, We use all four of these platforms for the best possible outcome and results.

We also have strong relationships with our chemical partners – for expertise advice when it’s needed.


Our partners include; Bayer Crop Science, Corteva,  Syngenta, BASF