Our Equipment

Investing in the latest agricultural equipment and agronomic technology enables efficient cropping operations and sustainable land stewardship. It’s a win-win!


  • 2 X 470 AFS Connect Steiger with IF Tires

  • 470 Steiger with IF Tires

  • 385 Steiger Tractor

  • 310 AFS Connect Magnum Tractor

  • 310 AFS Connect CVT Magnum Tractor

  • Case IH Farmall 120


  • 2 X Case IH 2150S 40’ Split Row Planter with Scale
  • Case IH 2150 60’ 30” Planter with 5.5 Mt Aluri Dry Fertilizer System and scale
  • Both Planters are AFS Connect Equipped with, Delta Force, Precision Row units and Pneumatic closing system
  • John Deere 50’ No-Till Drill with 3 Tank Cart for multiple seed and fertilizer Capability
  • 3 seed and fertilizer tenders – with Scales

Tillage & Soil Preparation

  • 875 Case IH Disc Ripper – Effectivley break compaction layer, cut and mix residue
  • Landoll VT – Cut and mix residue with the soil. Warm soil in the spring to prep for planting
  • Salford S Tine Cultivator – Crack the soil open to warm up and dry for planting
  • Dablo Land Roller – condition , break lumps , push stones down and help with seed to soil contact
  • Unverferth Soil Conditioner – break lumps and level soil and help with seed to soil contact

Combines & Harvesting

  • 8250 AFS Connect Combine on Tracks
  • 8250 AFS Connect Combine on IF Wheels
  • 8240 AFS Connect Combine on IF Wheels


  • 1596 Brent Avalanche Grain Carts on Tracks
  • 1196 Brent Avalanche Grain Carts on Tracks


  • 3 MacDon 45 Foot Draper Heads


  • 12 row folding Gerringhoff Chopping Corn Head
  • 8 row ridged Gerringhoff Chopping Corn Head

Sprayers & Application

  • 80 Foot spread – 6T BBI Spreader with Variable rate Capability
  • 2 934H Fendt RoGator Dual Height SprayerS WITH 120’ Booms ang High capacity Pumps
  • Deere R4038 Sprayer with 120’ Boom
  • 3 Tender support trucks
  • 1 Tanker Trailer

Transportation & Logistics

  • 4 Sets of B Trains
  • 1 Tandem Hopper trailer
  • 4 Highway Trucks
  • Delivery from field to elevator locally at harvest
  • Grain Hualing from Graineries to Local Ports


  • AFS Connect Technology – Bringing data from our planters and combines to the computer for processing. Also used to track machine productivity.
  • Rtk Correction Signal For accuracy of Seed Placement, Fertilizer, Chemical Application and Data Collection on all units
  • Farm QA – Creating field and spray plans and tracking where things are planted. Utilized for scouting customers fields and record keeping.
  • Samsaras – used for dash cams in our equipment that frequents the road often, like sprayers, trucks, vehicles, combines. Has GPS locators on all equipment to easily look and see where all the equipment is located and operating when in use as well as not in use.